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Research Fees

For most projects, Capitol Research Services offers a flat rate of $950 per bill for a three-week turnaround. If you need the project expedited, there is a $300 rush charge.

We offer discounts from our normal rate when the project involves more than one bill or if the legislative discussions are very brief. There are some bills, however, that are very controversial, involve the sunset of major state agencies, or for other reasons involve very extensive public hearings and floor debates. For those bills, it is necessary to develop cost estimates on a case-by-case basis. For 90% of the work done by Capitol Research Services, our normal $950 rate applies.

Project Description

After interviewing our client to determine the focus of the project, we determine the legislation to be reviewed.

We compile the various bill versions, amendments, bill analyses, interim committee studies, House and Senate Journals entries, session laws, statutes, and other documents related to the act (or acts). The audio recordings of the committee hearings and the floor debates are reviewed. The opening remarks of the bill sponsor and expert witnesses are transcribed as well as all discussions related to the focus of the project. In many cases the entire proceeding is transcribed.

Capitol Research Reports

Our reports include an abstract, a detailed background section, and exhibits.

  • The abstract gives you an overview of the history and points out where the answer to your question is found.
  • The background section details each stage of the bill's development, answering questions such as why your bill was introduced, who drafted it, and what amendments were added and by whom. We transcribe into the report the opening statement of the bill sponsor at each committee hearing and during the floor debates as well as all discussions regarding the issue you need researched. The remainder of the proceeding is summarized so that you will know all of the other issues that were discussed. All of the pertinent legislative documents are also transcribed into the report.
  • The final section is the tabbed exhibits which include copies of all of the documents cited in the report including the various versions of the bill, bill analyses, House and Senate Journals, session laws, statutes, and interim committee reports.
  • We can also obtain tape recordings and certified copies of documents, as well as prepare affidavits as necessary.

Retaining Our Services

Feel free to call us at (512) 371-1440 to discuss your next case. You may also drop us an e-mail or use our estimates form to request further information.

Our consultations are free and without obligation. We always give you a hard estimate of costs before we begin your project.